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If you have PR advisers - listen to them!

I don’t know what it is but I really can’t warm to the Duchess of Sussex (I appreciate she won’t sleep tonight after that revelation!)

I think my cynicism started at her wedding. While Kate pulled a few involuntary faces, scratched her nose, brushed a stray hair from her face – Meghan’s facial expression was fixed throughout. In fact, she behaved as though she was playing a part in a film – funny that, isn’t it?

And more recently, at the preview of The Lion King I am afraid dear reader, I was overcome with negative thoughts again when she was overheard complaining that ‘they don’t make it easy for us.’

‘They’ being the public, the press, the other royals, the royal household – who knows? Poor little Meghan. Of course, it’s true the media are ramping up the alleged difficulties between Harry and William and gleefully reporting on anything that helps Meghan live up to her Duchess Difficult title. (She allegedly gets through staff like I get through bottles of Pinot.) Much of it will be nonsense, however, some of it will be accurate.

The problems probably began with that very public family spat – and yes, I know it’s not fair that Meghan’s personal issues are played out in the public eye, but the whole thing could have been put to bed if she had been seen to be holding out some kind of olive branch to her dad.

The spend their time telling everyone else what they are passionate about and how we all need to change the world. But they are already sounding just a teensy-weensy bit patronising and preachy. I wonder if a PR person pointed out to Harry that getting into a helicopter to fly to Birmingham just before delivering a speech on climate change was just a bit hypocritical?

And, the public would forgive them spending £2.4 million doing up the house if they actually gave something back, e.g., invited the media to Archie’s Christening, but they wanted that to be private. And therein lies the problem - they can’t be both private individuals and Royals, it’s one or the other.

For Meghan and Harry, it has been one PR disaster after another which suggests they are not listening to the professionals. This couple are able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle only because the public allows them to. If the tide of public opinion turns against them, they may be relegated to the side-lines and will have to rely on the generosity of The Queen for their spends.

Of course, if things remain so difficult for them here, they may decide to move abroad and have suggested they could do that in the future (who cares?) They have hinted at doing good works in Africa, but perhaps Meghan will just want to head home to the good old U.S. of A. Americans will love having their own little royal family in-situ. Meghan and Kim K. could have social media spats and Harry could try to out-Instagram Kanye.

The PR experts who look after the Royal Family have seen it all before. They are no doubt offering sound advice which up to now looks like it is being ignored. I am a huge fan of the Royal family but even their biggest supporters will only take so much. Meghan and Harry are going to have to decide which side they are on as one can’t have one’s lemon elderflower cake it and eat it.

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